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Message par nour007 le Ven 22 Fév - 16:00

Structure and Architecture, Second Edition

Structure and Architecture, Second Edition
Publisher: Architectural Press
Number Of Pages: 164
Publication Date: 2001-04-10
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0750647930
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780750647939
Binding: Paperback

'Structure and Architecture' is an essential textbook for students and practitioners of architecture and structural engineering. MacDonald explains the basic principles of structure and describes the ranges of structure types in current use. Furthermore, the book links these topics directly with the activity of architectural design and criticism. An update of the first edition, 'Structure and Architecture 2ed' includes a revised opening chapter, and a new section that discusses prominent buildings constructed since the last edition was published in 1994.

Angus MacDonald deals with structures holistically, relating detailed topics back to the whole structure and building. He aims to answer the questions: What are architectural structures? How does one define the difference between the structure of a building and all of the other components and elements of which it consists? What are the requirements of structures? What is involved in their design? An understanding of the concepts involved in answering these questions and an appreciation of how the structure of a building functions enhances the ability of an individual to appreciate its architectural quality. This book is unique in that it discusses the structural component of architectural design in the context of visual and stylistic issues.
Enables the reader to develop an understanding of how architectural structures function
Allows students to acquire a vocabulary covering the entire range of structure types and their appropriate use
Generously illustrated with many examples taken from contemporary buildings giving tips on how to evaluate architectural structures.

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Message par Tumanbay le Ven 22 Fév - 16:50

merci mon ami


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